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Press Releases and News

ATAA Celebrates 93rd Anniversary
of Turkish Victory Day

Today, we celebrate the 93rd anniversary of the victory at Dumlupınar, which was the final battle of the Turkish War of Independence against the occupying forces of Britain, France, Italy and Greece. read

ATAA Strongly Condemns Deadly
Terrorist Attacks in Turkey

The Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA) strongly condemns recent terrorist attacks by the Marxist Leninist Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK) and ISIL (DAESH) in southeast Turkey, which killed 11 Turkish security forces, read

ATAA Celebrates the 92nd Anniversary of the Lausanne Peace Treaty
ATAA condemns deadly terrorist attack in Suruc, Turkey
ATAA Commemorates the 41st Anniversary of Turkey's Cyprus Peace Operation
ATAA Mourns the Passing of Suleyman Demirel
• ATAA Celebrates May 19th Commemoration of Atatürk,Youth & Sports Day
Washington'da "Barış ve Dayanışma" yürüşü
Assassination of Los Angeles Turkish Consul General Marks 42nd Anniversary of Modern Armenian Terrorism

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Sema Başol
Co-Founder, Turkish Women's Initiative
Sema Başol (MBA) is an executive with over 25 years of diverse work experience both in the U.S. and in Turkey. She has worked with multi-billion dollar corporations such as Mattel Inc. and Koc Holding (in Turkey), small businesses, and non-profit educational and cultural institutions. Continue

Former Starturks
| StarTurk: Goals and Policy

Outside the Box

Trouble Brewing for Turkey in US House of Representativesby Mark Meirowitz
Prof. Turkkay Ataov's Lecture on Armenian Revolt
Turkey's PM Speaks to Security Conference re Armenian Claims
Interview with ATAA President Ergun Kirlikovali by Mert Turkoglu
USLifeMag Interview with Ergun Kirlikovali
Maxime Gauin: The Convergent Analysis of Russian, British, French, and American Officials Regarding the Armenian Volunteers (1914-1922)
Past President Gunay Evinch: France is “criminalizing thought”
Maxime Gauin: ASALA’s Day In The French National Assembly
Mark Meirowitz: Genocide’ in Armenia is not for Israel to decide
Maxime Gauin: Resisting Nicolas Sarkozy
President Kirlikovali: France is sorry for causing Armenian blood to be spilled
Maxime Gauin: Mr. Sarkozy is Making a Miscalculation
Javid J. Huseynov: Christmas onslaught by ethnic interest groups in France
President-Elect Mehmet Celebi's interview on WBEZ 91.5
President-elect Mehmet Celebi's interview on Al Jazeera
Past President Gunay Evinch, Bloomberg HT interview

Reference Center


Dr. Şükrü Elekdağ: Tarihsel Gerçekler ve Uluslararası
Hukuk Işığında Ermeni Soykırımı İddiası

ATAA Armenian Terrorism Report [pdf]
The Case of Mourad Topallian and the JCAG Terror Group [read]

ATAA Armenian Research Committee, Position Paper 1,
Review of "A Shameful Act", Taner Akcam (ATAA, April 2007); [pdf]

Book Review by Yucel Guclu, Mediterranean Quarterly
(Summer 2007) "The Armenian Rebellion at Van", Justin McCarthy, Esat Arslan, CemalettinTaskiran, Omer Turan, (The University of Utah Press, 2006). [pdf]

Bernard Lewis Distinguishes Armenian Case from Holocaust
Video Statement By Prof. Bernard Lewis Of Princeton University:
No Armenian Genocide [video] [pdf]

  A group of multi-national intellectuals ranging from diverse backgrounds like medical doctors, engineers, lawyers, computer scientists, and historians from Europe, USA and Turkey have agreed on the dissemination of attached articles to set the record straight regarding the false Armenian allegations.

White Paper [pdf] | Misrepresentations [pdf]


• Drug Smuggling as Main Source of PKK Terrorism read
• The Armenian Allegation of Genocide: FACTS by ATAA [read]
• Armenian-Turkish Conflict by Prof. Justin McCarthy [read]
• An Armenian and Muslim Tragedy? by Bruce Fein [read]
• Pursuing the Just Cause of Their People by Michael M. Gunter [read]
• Anatolia 1915: Turks Died, Too by Justin McCarthy [read]
• ATAA Remembers the Victims of Armenian Terrorism [read]

• Armenian-Azerbaijan Conflict [more]
• Occupation of Azerbaijan [read]
• Khojali Tragedy Remembered [read]


Turkey's PM Speaks to Security Conference re Armenian Claims
Armenian Fabrications
Armenian Terror
The Genocide of Truth
Institute for Armenian Research
Tall Armenian Tale
Edward Tashji
Armenian Issue
American-Turkish Claims Settlement: Under Dec 24, 1923 Agreement


What is PKK?
PKK´s Involvement in Drug Trafficking
Is There A "Kurdish Question" in Turkey?

PKK: The Worst Enemy of Kurdish Interests by Maxime Gauin
Children of Terror: The Case of the PKK by Sedat Laçiner
Drug Smuggling as Main Source of PKK Terrorism by Sedat Laçiner

PKK- TAK: Blind Nihilist Terror by Ihsan Bal
PKK: The Worst Enemy of Kurdish Interests
Children of Terror: The Case of the PKK

• An Admission of Exclusion by Guler Koknar[read]
• ATAA Statement on Cyprus for European Subcommittee [read]
• Attempted Genocide... in Cyprus by Michael Stephen [read]

What's New
E-Newsletter Aug, Issue
SAC Supports Proposed Turkish-American Safe Zone in Syria
E-Newsletter, July Issue
E-Newsletter Spring Issue
Proving” a “Crime against Humanity”? by Maxime Gauin
Historiography by Political Committee and Committed Historians by Andrew Mango
What Is Genocide? The Armenian Case by Michael M .Gunter
E-Newsletter, Issue 49
Joint Declaration by Turkish American Associations
Armenian Terrorism Report (CIA, FOIA act file)
Selected Bibliography on the Armenian Question
Genocide of Truth by Sukru Server Aya
Report Card on Gender Equality in Turkey

Action Alert
Save Iraqi Turkmens
in Amirli
Condemn the war crimes in Srebrenica and Khojaly
Call Now to Oppose HR 4347: A Racist Bill Against Turkey
Support Congressman Gerry Connolly, Remove Prejudices from Anti-Turkish Bill
Oppose HR 4347: Stop Racist Crusade against Turkey
Support U.S. Ally Turkey, Stop Al-Qaeda-ISIL Terror
Oppose S.Res.410

Useful info
Suggested Links
Şükrü Elekdağ: "Ermenistan bunu değerlendirmeli"
Armenian Allegations
and Historical Facts
A Brief Overview on Karabakh History from Past to Today
Osmanlı Hariciyesinde
Bir Ermeni Nazır: Gabriyel Noradunkyan Efendi

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