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The Bryce Report: British Propaganda and the Turks

By Professor Justin McCarthy By the time of World War I, prejudice against Turks had already existed in Europe and America for centuries. During that war, however, anti-Turkish prejudice was deliberately fostered and enlarged by two cooperating agencies--the American missionary establishment and the propaganda office of Great Britain. While there is no space here to consider [...]

The Bryce Report: British Propaganda and the Turks2017-10-04T14:01:10+00:00

Lies, Damn Lies, and Armenian Deaths

By Bruce Fein* Huffington Post - June 5, 2009 On April 24, 2009--Armenian Remembrance Day-- President Barack Obama issued a statement "remember[ing] the 1.5 million Armenian [deaths] in the final days of the Ottoman Empire." The President stumbled. To paraphrase Mark Twain, there are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and the number of Armenians [...]

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Differences Are Overwhelming

By Bruce Fein* The differences between the alleged Armenian genocide of the World War I era and the Holocaust are overwhelming, something akin to the legal chasm between first degree murder and negligent homicide. To equate the two would be to vitiate the moral stigma that should attach to the crime of crimes, and to violate [...]

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The Turkish Tragedy

By John Dewey Published in The New Republic, November 12, 1928 The tragedy in Turkey is more extensive than the sad plight of minorities. Those who have the patience to refrain in the Near East from a premature partisanship are likely soon to arrive at a state of mind in which all parties are so much [...]

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Perpetuating the Genocide Myth

By Demir Delen A Publication of the Federation of Canadian Turkish Associations Introduction It is a fact that approximately 700,000 Armenians were killed or died of starvation and disease during the First World War in eastern Anatolia. It is also a fact that more than 2 million Turks and Muslims were massacred by the Armenians at [...]

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Armenian Forgeries and Falsifications

By Demir Delen A Publication of the Federation of Canadian Turkish Associations The truth behind some well-known and often-repeated forgeries by Armenian activists who are attempting to sway the world opinion regarding the existence of a "genocide" in 1915, are exposed in the following paragraphs. 1. Hitler's quotation regarding the Armenians - A myth Every year [...]

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Excerpts from A British Source on the Armenian Question

By Prof. Türkkaya Ataöv The First World War was a series of armed hostilities of the major world powers between 1914 and 1918, in which the Entente of Britain, France and Tsarist Russia (later joined by the U.S.A.) fought against Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and some lesser states. The British and the Turks were, therefore, [...]

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Angora and the Turks

By Arthur Tremaine Chester Representative of U.S. Shipping Board in Istanbul. Published in the New York Times Current History Journal, February 1923. Armenians Deported for Treachery We hear a great deal about the deportation of Armenians from the Northeast of Turkey during the World War. The facts are that the Turks sent an army to the [...]

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Hitler and the “Armenian Question”

By Prof. Dr. Turkkaya Ataov * Propaganda is deliberate manipulation, by means of symbols (like words or images) of others thoughts. The propagandist tries to offset resistance to himself by presenting his thoughts as if they are rational or moral. The symbols are chosen in such a way that the reactors are expected to be influenced [...]

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A British Report (1895): “The Armenians Unmasked”

By Prof. Dr. Türkkaya Ataöv * The Institute of the Turkish Revolution, attached to the Languages and History-Geography Faculty of Ankara University, houses a document that sheds light on some crucial aspects of the "Armenian question". The manuscript is a British report, classified as TITE-1 F/532, in the archives of the said Institute. Its author is [...]

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