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Armenian-Azerbaijan Conflict

Socio-economic devastation caused by Armenia

As the result of aggression by the Republic of Armenia against the Republic of Azerbaijan, during the 1988-1994 period, serious material damage has been inflicted, currently estimated at $22 billion dollars. Overall area of the occupied territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan includes:

  • the territory of the Nagorno-Karabakh region (former Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast (NKAO), abolished in 1991);
  • the territories of 7 regions bordering with Nagorny Karabakh (Aghdam, Fizuli, Djabrail, Zangelan, Gubadly, Lachin and Kelbajar);
  • the territories of 4 regions bordering with Armenia (Gazakh, Agstafa, Tovuz and Gedabey);
  • the territories of 4 regions bordering with the Line of Contact (Ter-Ter, Goranboy, Agdjabedi and Beylagan);
  • the territories of the administrative regions of the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic (Azerbaijani exclave, separated from the rest of the republic in 1920),

Total: 17,000 (10,563 sq. miles) Occupied regions of Azerbaijan has been totally destroyed and robed. The great economic damage has been inflicted also to 4 regions of Azerbaijan bordering with Armenia, 4 regions bordering with the Line of Contact and the territories of the administrative regions of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Detailed data on each of the seven occupied regions of Azerbaijan Republic — excluding Nagorno Karabakh (former NKAO) and regions bordering Armenia or Line of Contact, suffering from minor occupation or continued hostilities — are provided below:


23 August 1993

number of families-14112
number of population-57125 persons
female-30277 persons
children-22850 persons
number of murders-353 persons
number of handicaps-368 persons
number of orphans-218 persons

Destruction and losses:
villages and settlements-96
dwelling houses-9242
industrial and construction establishments-17
service establishments-383
health care centers-17
cultural establishments-138

23 August 1993
(partially occupied)

number of families-36054
number of population-158000 persons
female-82160 persons
children-63200 persons
number of murders-538 persons
number of handicaps-587 persons
number of orphans-987 persons

Destruction and losses:
villages and settlements-122
dwelling houses-24446
industrial and construction establishments-48
service establishments-1317
health care centers-65
cultural establishments-373

30 August 1993

number of families-8331
number of population-30678 persons
female-16260 persons
children-12080 persons
number of murders-80 persons
number of handicaps-722 persons
number of orphans-435 persons

Destruction and losses:
villages and settlements-95
dwelling houses-6999
industrial and construction establishments-15
service establishments-291
health care centers-13
cultural establishments-285

20-23 October 1993

number of families-8640
number of population-34924 persons
female-17950 persons
children-12800 persons
number of murders-490 persons
number of handicaps-345 persons
number of orphans-395 persons

Destruction and losses:
villages and settlements-93
dwelling houses-5779
industrial and construction establishments-15
health care centers-15
cultural establishments-279

August 1993
(partially occupied)

territory -1,386
number of families-22110
number of population-98958 persons
female-52561 persons
children-36321 persons
number of murders-669 persons
number of handicaps-1450 persons
number of orphans-155 persons

Destruction and losses:
villages and settlements-77
dwelling houses-15213
industrial and construction establishments-33
service establishments-786
health care centers-43
cultural establishments-166

To find out more about Armenian aggression and occupation of Azerbaijani territories, as well as all ASA activities and how to help, visit official website of ASA: Researchers can also visit and websites for more information.

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