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The objective of the Assembly is to coordinate the activities of member Turkish American associations and individual members of the Assembly for the purpose of presenting a more balanced view of Turkey and of the Turkish people, and emphasizing the importance of enhanced understanding between Turkey and the United States. [more]


By becoming a member you will be part of a network of Turkish-Americans and friends of Turkey who care about the historic relationship between the two peoples and who are aware of the crucial role each one of us plays in strengthening the relationship and promoting an accurate and fair picture of Turkey and Turks. [Join ATAA]



ATAA Armenian Terrorism Report [pdf]

The Case of Mourad Topallian and the JCAG Terror Group

ATAA Victims Impact Statement (VIS) [pdf]

ATAA Affidavit 1 [pdf]
ATAA Past President T. Cubukcu
Washington, DC

ATAA Affidavit 2 [pdf]
ATAA Volunteer K. Mete
Sacramento, CA

ATAA Affidavit 3 [pdf]
ATAA Trustee B. Kaslan
San Francisco, CA

ATAA Affidavit 4 [pdf]
USC Turkish Student Association President K. Incki
Los Angeles, CA

ATAA Affidavit 5 [pdf]
TAAF President E. Atrek
San Francisco, CA

ATAA Affidavit 6 [pdf]
Relative of Assassinated Turkish Diplomat
Santa Clara, CA

ATAA Affidavit 7 [pdf]
President Daughters of Ataturk S. Karaoglu
Los Angeles, CA

ATAA Affidavit 8 [pdf]
Turkish Educational Foundation Volunteer H. Ovunc/Evinch
San Mateo, CA

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ATAA Armenian Research Committee, Position Paper 1
Review of "A Shameful Act", Taner Akcam (ATAA, April 2007); [pdf]

Book Review by Yucel Guclu, Mediterranean Quarterly (Summer 2007)
"The Armenian Rebellion at Van", Justin McCarthy, Esat Arslan, Cemalettin
Taskiran, Omer Turan, (The University of Utah Press, 2006).

Bernard Lewis Distinguishes Armenian Case from Holocaust
Video Statement By Prof. Bernard Lewis Of Princeton University:
No Armenian Genocide [video] [pdf]



An Armenian and Muslim Tragedy? Yes! Genocide? No! by Bruce Fein


Pursuing the Just Cause of Their People by Michael M. Gunter
History of the Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey by Stanford & Shaw
Death and Exile by Justin McCarthy
A Myth of Terror by Erich Feigl
The Armenian Revolutionary Movement by Louise Nalbandian
The Ottoman Armenians by Salahi R. Sonyel
The Armenian Question by Mim Kemal Oke


The Armenian Allegation of Genocide: FACTS by ATAA
The Andonian Documents by Prof. Turkkaya Ataov
A British Report (1895) by Prof. Turkkaya Ataov
Hitler and the 'Armenian Question' by Prof. Dr. Turkkaya Ataov
A British Source (1916) by Prof. Turkkaya Ataov
Angora and the Turks by Arthur Tremaine Chester
Armenian Forgeries and Falsifications by Demir Delen
Perpetuating the Genocide Myth by Demir Delen
The Turkish Tragedy by John Dewey
Differences Are Overwhelming by Bruce Fein
Lies, Damn Lies, and Armenian Deaths by Bruce Fein
A Myth of Terror by Eric Feigl
The Bryce Report: British Propaganda and the Turks by Justin McCarthy
Anatolia 1915: Turks Died, Too by Justin McCarthy
The Anatolian Armenians by Justin McCarthy
The Destruction of Ottoman Erzurum by Prof. Justin McCarthy
Let Historians Decide on So-called Genocide by Prof. Justin McCarthy
Armenian-Turkish Conflict by Prof. Justin McCarthy
The First Shot by Prof. Justin McCarthy
Commentary by Malcolm E. Yapp
Armenian Allegations and Deportees of Malta by Ayhan Ozer
Armenian Terrorism by Ayhan Ozer
Facts and Discussion Points in the Armenian Allegations by Ayhan Ozer
The Armenian-Nazi Collaboration in WW II by Ayhan Ozer
The Deportees of Malta and the Armenian Question by Bilal N. Simsir
There Was No Genocide: Interview with Prof. Bernard Lewis by Dalia Karpel
The U.S. Congress and Adolf Hitler on the Armenians by Heath W. Lowry
Armenian question and the Western powers by Seyfi Tashan
British Government Restates Position on Armenian Genocide Allegations
An Armenian Source: Hovhannes Katchaznouni
Quote by Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres
Sworn Statement of Albert J. Amateau
Who Burned Izmir?
Turkish Diplomats Killed by Armenian Terrorists
Şükrü Elekdağ: "Ermenistan bunu değerlendirmeli"
Armenian Terrorism Report (CIA, FOIA act file) (new)
The Apologia of Genocide Recognition by Şükrü M. Elekdağ – M.P., (CHP)
Hampig Sassounian: An Archetypal Example of Contemporary Armenian Terrorism by Maxime Gauin
What Is Genocide? The Armenian Case by Michael M .Gunter (new)
Historiography by Political Committee and Committed Historians by Andrew Mango
Proving” a “Crime against Humanity”? by Maxime Gauin (new)
Osmanlı Hariciyesinde Bir Ermeni Nazır: Gabriyel Noradunkyan Efendi


British Consul R.W. Graves to Sir P. Currie (1895)
Boghos Nubar Pasha to The Times of London (1919)
Admiral Mark L. Bristol to Dr. James L. Barton (1921)
Dr. James L. Barton to Admiral Mark L. Bristol (1921)


Testimony at the House International Committee by Justin McCarthy


1986 excavation of a mass grave of Turkish victims of Armenian atrocities (new)
Ermeniler Tarafindan Yapilan Katliamin Belgeleri
Institute for Armenian Research
Tall Armenian Tale
Edward Tashji

Armenian Issue
Ermeni Sorunu (in Turkish)
States Archives of Turkey (in Turkish)
The Genocide of Truth
Armenian Fabrications
American-Turkish Claims Settlement: Under Dec 24, 1923 Agreement
Turkey's PM Speaks to Security Conference re Armenian Claims


Selected Bibliography on the Armenian Question (new)


Occupation of Azerbaijan
Socio-economic devastation caused by Armenia
Media Coverage of The Azeri Massacres by Armenians
Khojali Tragedy Remembered
A Brief Overview on Karabakh History from Past to Today

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Releases from the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

What is PKK?
PKK´s Involvement in Drug Trafficking
Is There A "Kurdish Question" in Turkey?
Is the Use of Kurdish Banned in Turkey ?
Comments on PKK arguments


Who is Abdullah Ocalan? by Michael Radu
The PKK Strategy in Europe to Place Turkey on Trial by Michael Radu
A Case Study of the PKK in Turkey by Ismail Soysal
Turkey, United States, and Ocalan: The Stakes by Alan Makovsky
The PKK's New Offensive: Implications for Turkey... by Soner Cagaptay
PKK: The Worst Enemy of Kurdish Interests by Maxime Gauin
Children of Terror: The Case of the PKK by Sedat Laçiner
Drug Smuggling as Main Source of PKK Terrorism by Sedat Laçiner
PKK- TAK: Blind Nihilist Terror by Ihsan Bal, Head of USAK Science Committee


Turkey and Northern Iraq
ATAA President's Letter on PKK Terrorism


An Admission of Exclusion by Guler Koknar
ATAA Statement on Cyprus for European Subcommittee (2001)
Attempted Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing in Cyprus by Michael Stephen
Cyprus Briefing Note
Cyprus: 7 Questions and 7 Answers
Is It All History?
Information Note on the Cyprus Issue
The Facts About Cyprus
Burden rests on Greeks to solve 'Cyprus problem' by Rep. Dan Burton
UN Cyprus Plan: Solution or Delusion? by Prof. Clement Dodd

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