So-called Armenian Genocide

Excerpts from the book:A Myth of Terror
Armenian Extremism:Its Causes and Its Historical Context
An Illustrated Expose by Eric Feigl

Anatomy of a Senseless Crime

On Wednesday, June 20, 1984, the labor and social affairs attaché of the Turkish Embassy arrives at work at 8:45. He parks his car beside the embassy building, greets the policeman on duty ... and then a remote-control bomb explodes, The car is thrown into the air and lands upside down. Erdogan Ozen is dead ... his body charred beyond recognition. The 62-year-old policeman, Leopold Smetacek, is caught in the flash of fire from the explosion ... He will wrestle with death for months, his face totally burned. A number of passers-by are injured. The "Armenian Revolutionary Army" - ARA - once again claims "responsibility". The assassin is undoubtedly convinced of the "justice" of his deed. He probably has no idea of the true story behind the tragedy of his people in the First World War. AD he knows is the lessons he has had drilled into him about the "Terrible Turk". History - misunderstood history - as the motive for inhuman behavior - that is unique to the world of terrorism.

(Photo: Neue Kronenzeitung)

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