So-called Armenian Genocide

Excerpts from the book:A Myth of Terror
Armenian Extremism:Its Causes and Its Historical Context
An Illustrated Expose by Eric Feigl

Franz Werfel knew that he had been taken in by forgeries

Abraham Sou Sever is a Sephardic Jew, born in Izmir, Turkey, before World War I. He later emigrated to the United States and now lives in California.

Abraham Sou Sever has filed a written Deposition and Testimonial in which he tells the truth about the Armenians' "genocide" claims and their propaganda methods from his own personal life experiences and knowledge. Particularly significant is his testimony on Franz Werfel. Mr. Sever's notarized deposition has been transmitted to research institutions in the United States as part of a written and oral history collection on the Armenian claims for a genocide.

Here is what Mr. Sever has to say about Franz Werfel and the events which took place on Musa Dagh:

"Moussa Dagh (Mount Moussa), if the truth be known, is the best evidence of the Armenian duplicity and rebellion. Fifty thousand Armenians, all armed, ascended the summit of that mountain after provisioning it to stand siege. Daily sallies from that summit of armed bands attacked the rear of the Ottoman armies, and disappeared into the mountain. When the Ottomans finally discovered the fortification the Armenians had prepared, they could not assault and invade it. It stood siege for 40 days, which is a good indication of the preparations the Armenians had made surreptitiously under the very nose of the Ottoman Government. Nor was it ever explained that the rebellion of the Armenians had been fostered, organized, financed, and supplied with arms and munitions by the Russians.

Leaders of the Armenian revolutionary organization DASHNAGTZOUTIUN have since admitted to have been seduced by Russia with promises of independence and a New Armenia. They have admitted that they were financed and armed by Russia. They have admitted that bands of Armenian revolutionaries had been organized to sabotage and interfere with the Ottoman armies defending their homeland, even before the Ottoman Government had entered the war against Russia. The thousands who occupied the summit of Moussa Dagh for 40 days escaped by descending the mountain by a secret exit fronting oil the Mediterranean, while the Ottoman armies were besieging the front of that mountain.

The Armenians had communicated by flambeau signals with the French and British naval ships patrolling the Mediterranean. Those (thousands) who escaped were taken aboard the ships of the British and French and transported to Alexandria in Egypt. The Armenians found it to their interest to invent that these thousands had perished - keeping their rescue by the British and French a secret. Only a small contingent of Armenians who had remained fighting the Ottomans finally surrendered.

My dear departed friend, Franz Werfel, who wrote that book, The 40 days at Moussa Dagh, never was in that region to investigate what he wrote. He wrote it as his Armenian friends in Vienna had told him. Before his death, Werfel told me that he felt ashamed and contrite for having written the book and for the many falsehoods and fabrications the Armenians had foisted on him. But he dared not confess publicly for fear of death by the Dashnag terrorists.

Christian missionaries had found the Armenians willing and easy converts from their ancestral Orthodox Christianity to the Protestant and Catholic brands. Sympathetic to their converts, they helped spread the false stories of massacre throughout the Western World. Modern day Armenians heard the false stories from their elders who were never there themselves, but had heard them from the Dashnag revolutionaries who had made deals with the Czar and the Bolsheviks. The Republic they established died aborning because of the intrigues and subtle dealings typical of the Dashnag fanatis. The faise claims of genocide and holocaust have gained for them great sympathy throughout the Western World. They cannot tolerate disproof and refutation. They try to stifle and prevent disproof by threats.


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