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Armenian Issue Revisited


• An Armenian and Muslim Tragedy? Yes! Genocide? No! by Bruce Fein


• Pursuing the Just Cause of Their People by Michael M. Gunter
• History of the Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey by Stanford & Shaw
• Death and Exile by Justin McCarthy
• A Myth of Terror by Erich Feigl
• The Armenian Revolutionary Movement by Louise Nalbandian
• The Ottoman Armenians by Salahi R. Sonyel
• The Armenian Question by Mim Kemal Oke


• The Armenian Allegation of Genocide: FACTS by ATAA
• The Andonian Documents by Prof. Turkkaya Ataov
• A British Report (1895) by Prof. Turkkaya Ataov
• Hitler and the ‘Armenian Question’ by Prof. Dr. Turkkaya Ataov
• A British Source (1916) by Prof. Turkkaya Ataov
• Angora and the Turks by Arthur Tremaine Chester
• Armenian Forgeries and Falsifications by Demir Delen
• Perpetuating the Genocide Myth by Demir Delen
• The Turkish Tragedy by John Dewey
• Differences Are Overwhelming by Bruce Fein
• Lies, Damn Lies, and Armenian Deaths by Bruce Fein
• A Myth of Terror by Eric Feigl
• The Bryce Report: British Propaganda and the Turks by Justin McCarthy
• Anatolia 1915: Turks Died, Too by Justin McCarthy
• The Anatolian Armenians by Justin McCarthy
• The Destruction of Ottoman Erzurum by Prof. Justin McCarthy
• Let Historians Decide on So-called Genocide by Prof. Justin McCarthy
• Armenian-Turkish Conflict by Prof. Justin McCarthy
• The First Shot by Prof. Justin McCarthy
• Commentary by Malcolm E. Yapp
• Armenian Allegations and Deportees of Malta by Ayhan Ozer
• Armenian Terrorism by Ayhan Ozer
• Facts and Discussion Points in the Armenian Allegations by Ayhan Ozer
• The Armenian-Nazi Collaboration in WW II by Ayhan Ozer
• The Deportees of Malta and the Armenian Question by Bilal N. Simsir
• There Was No Genocide: Interview with Prof. Bernard Lewis by Dalia Karpel
• The U.S. Congress and Adolf Hitler on the Armenians by Heath W. Lowry
• Armenian question and the Western powers by Seyfi Tashan
• British Government Restates Position on Armenian Genocide Allegations
• An Armenian Source: Hovhannes Katchaznouni
• Quote by Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres
• Sworn Statement of Albert J. Amateau
• Who Burned Izmir?
• Turkish Diplomats Killed by Armenian Terrorists
• Şükrü Elekdağ: “Ermenistan bunu değerlendirmeli”
• Armenian Terrorism Report (CIA, FOIA act file) (new)
• The Apologia of Genocide Recognition by Şükrü M. Elekdağ – M.P., (CHP)
• Hampig Sassounian: An Archetypal Example of Contemporary Armenian Terrorism by Maxime Gauin
• What Is Genocide? The Armenian Case by Michael M .Gunter (new)
• Historiography by Political Committee and Committed Historians by Andrew Mango


• British Consul R.W. Graves to Sir P. Currie (1895)
• Boghos Nubar Pasha to The Times of London (1919)
• Admiral Mark L. Bristol to Dr. James L. Barton (1921)
• Dr. James L. Barton to Admiral Mark L. Bristol (1921)


• Testimony at the House International Committee by Justin McCarthy