Who is Abdullah Ocalan?

By Michael Radu Foreign Policy Research Institute November 16, 1998 On November 13, the Italian police arrested Abdullah Ocalan, founder and leader of the Kurdish Worker’s Party (PKK) at Rome’s airport. He had just arrived from Moscow with a false passport and, upon arrest, asked for political asylum. Coming at a time when British authorities are [...]

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Is the Use of Kurdish Banned in Turkey?

Contrary to the allegations of some biased quarters, there is no restriction on the use of languages in Turkey. Presently, there are many private radio-TV stations broadcasting and numerous books and journals published both in Turkish and in various dialects of "Kurdish" throughout the country. It should be mentioned here that "Kurdish" can be hardly depicted [...]

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Comments on PKK Arguments

Argument: “In Turkey, there are two national communities, the Turkish and Kurdish peoples” Fact: Turkish democracy is not based on ‘ethnic nationalism’. Turkish people’ refers to all the citizens of the Republic of Turkey, regardless of their ethnic roots, and is an expression of existence as equal individuals. Ethnic roots remain a private matter for individuals. [...]

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