ATAA Remembers Victims of Armenian Terrorism

June 2, 1978 - Madrid, Spain Three Armenian gunmen open automatic gunfire on the automobile of the Turkish Ambassador to Spain, Zeki Kuneralp. The Ambassador's wife, Necla Kuneralp, and a guest, a retired Turkish Ambassador, Besir Balcioglu, are killed. Spanish chauffeur, Antonio Torres, dies later from his wounds. Armenian terrorist organizations, ASALA and JCAG claim responsibility. [...]

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The Andonian “Documents” Attributed to Talat Pasha are Forgeries!

By Prof. Dr. Türkkaya Ataöv* A most recent (1983) publication by the Turkish Historical Society and written by Sinasi Orel and Süreyya Yuca, as a scholarly evaluation of the so-called "Talat Pasha telegrams" is most important for the proper assessment of the "Armenian issue". This momentous book of unusually competent erudition critically examines all of the [...]

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The Armenian Allegation of Genocide: FACTS

The Issue: Whether during the collapse of the Ottoman Empire genocide was perpetrated against Ottoman Armenian citizens in Eastern Anatolia. The Ottoman Empire ruled over all of Anatolia and significant parts of Europe, North Africa, the Caucasus and Middle East for over 700 years. Lands once Ottoman dominions today comprise more than 30 independent nations. A [...]

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The Ottoman Armenians

By Salahi R. Sonyel A Number of books have been published on the Armenians, particularly on their relationship with the Turks, and on the role of the Great Powers, such as Britain, France, and Russia, in influencing those relations. A selection of the more prominent works is listed in the bibliography; but most of these have [...]

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The Armenian Question, 1914-1923

By Mim Kemal Öke (Excerpts from The Armenian Question 1914-1923) Chapter II: The Anatomy of the Armenian Question This chapter is devoted to setting forth the general framework of the Armenian question. Armenian authors regard and interpret the actions of their compatriots in the Ottoman Empire between 1877and 1917 as signs of the rising Armenian nationalism. [...]

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The Armenian Revolutionary Movement

By Louise Nalbandian Armenian Historian LOUISE NALBANDIAN published her analysis of the Armenian Revolutionary Movement in 1963, several years before the Armenian lobbies began to spread their one-sided propaganda all over the world. The correlation between her matter-of-fact narration and the timing thereof should be considered in no way coincidental. Below is an excerpt from The [...]

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A Myth of Terror: Armenian Extremism

By Erich Feigl Erich Feigl, a documentary filmmaker, decided to write A Myth of Terror: Armenian Extremism, Its Causes and Its Historical Context when he lost a close friend to Armenian terrorism. His friend Erdogan Ozen, to whom this book is dedicated, was killed by a bomb planted in his car on June 20, 1984. He [...]

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Death and Exile

By Justin McCarthy (Excerpts from Death and Exile: The Ethnic Cleansing of Ottoman Muslims, 1821-1922) From Chapter Six: The Final War in the East "The conflict between Muslims and Armenians of the Ottoman East, which had been developing for a hundred years, came to a climax during World War I. Two wars were fought at the [...]

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History of the Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey

By Stanford J. Shaw Stanford J. Shaw is a Professor of History at the University of California, and Ezel Kural Shaw is an Associate Professor of History at the California State University. The excerpt below is taken from their book, History of the Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey, Vol. II (pp. 314-7) During 1914-1916: "Knowing their [...]

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Pursuing the Just Cause of Their People

By Michael M. Gunter (Excerpts from Pursuing the Just Cause of Their People) Introduction The growth of the incidence and importance of terrorism in the contemporary international system has been mirrored by a prodigious outpouring of literature on the subject. Precious little, however, has appeared about the Armenian terrorist attacks against Turkish diplomats and property, a [...]

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