Historiography by Political Committee and Committed Historian

By Andrew Mango On 18 June 1987, the European  Parliament met in Strasbourg to consider 'a political solution to the Armenian question', before turning its attention to the annual report on the European Regional Development Fund (which, the  Portuguese  rapporteur  noted  sadly,  lacked sufficient  resources and could adopt only three of the 17 national projects submitted [...]

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The Apologia of Genocide Recognition

By Ambassador (Ret.) Şükrü M. Elekdağ Former Member of Parliament,  Republican People’s Party (CHP) İstanbul December 22, 2008 - Architects of the recent apology campaign declared that their underlying purpose was not to charge Turkey with genocide, nor did they use this term in the actual wording of the statement.  Apparently, they intended to reflect on [...]

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Turkish Diplomats Killed by Armenian Terrorists

Below are 27 attacks against Turkish diplomats by Armenian terrorists during 1980s. These events have been divided into four categories: The first are instances in which a Turkish diplomat was killed and the perpetrators were arrested, tried and convicted. The second category describes instances in which convictions were secured against perpetrators of attempted murders of Turkish [...]

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Who Burned Izmir?

In 1920 Izmir was given up to the Greeks by the Ottomans as part of a Peace agreement proposed by Churchill. Although intended as an allied occupation under the armistice terms, it was in fact a Greek occupation which quickly became an excuse to extend the boundaries of Greece across the Aegean in accordance with the [...]

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Let Historians Decide on So-called Genocide

By Professor Justin McCarthy (11 April 2001, Copyright © Turkish Daily News) Part I: Nationalists who use history have different goals. They use events from the past as weapons in their nations' battles. They have a purpose -- to triumph for their cause, and they will use anything to succeed in this goal Like other men [...]

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