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History of ATAA

All Started in 1979... On August 19, 1977, the President of the Maryland American Turkish Association (MATA), Dr. Ülkü Ülgür, in his letter to the membership, stated “it is no news that Turkey and Turkish-Americans in this country are beset by many problems and recently have been subjected to unfair treatment and discrimination by [...]

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Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA) is a fast-growing umbrella organization of Turkish American associations throughout the United States,  and Turkey, dedicated to pursuing the interests of Turkish Americans and friends of Turkey in Washington and beyond. Established in 1979 to fight defamation and attacks on Turkish Americans, ATAA has evolved to be the most [...]


Who We Are

Our Mission The founding principle of  the Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA) was the need to create cohesion and cooperation between the large numbers of social/cultural Turkish American organizations around the US. The Assembly’s main goal is to be a link between all communities, large or small, and pursue their interests in Washington and [...]

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