ATAA Celebrates the 96th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic

As we mark the 96th Anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, we commemorate the resolute leader of the Turkish independence movement and its first President, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and praise his generative vision and determination that gave place to Turkey's advancement as a model of an independent, sovereign, democratic and secular state, providing basis for individual [...]

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PKK/KONGRA GEL and Terrorism

PKK What is PKK? PKK´s Involvement in Drug Trafficking Is There A "Kurdish Question" in Turkey? Is the Use of Kurdish Banned in Turkey ? Comments on PKK arguments Articles Who is Abdullah Ocalan? by Michael Radu The PKK Strategy in Europe to Place Turkey on Trial by Michael Radu A Case Study of the PKK in Turkey by [...]

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Scholarly Debate on Armenian Allegations

Dr. Omer Lutfi Tascioglu: Analysis of the Montebello Statement of the Revolutionary Federation Dr. Omer Lutfi Tascioglu:Research on the Issue of Christian, Hidden and/or Islamized Armenians in Turkey Dr. Omer Lutfi Tascioglu: Open Letter Addressed to Holiness Pope Francis to Reflect the Realities Emekli Büyükelçi Dr. Şükrü M. Elekdağ: Almanya kendisine suç ortağı yaratıyor Emekli Büyükelçi [...]

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Armenian Terrorism

1 - Armenian Terrorism Report 2 - The Case of Mourad Topallian and the JCAG  Armenian Terrorist Group ATAA Victims Impact Statement (VIS) ATAA Affidavit 1,  (ATAA Past President T. Cubukcu, Washington, DC) ATAA Affidavit 2,  ATAA Volunteer K. Mete, Sacramento, CA ATAA Affidavit 3,  ATAA Trustee B. Kaslan, San Francisco, CA ATAA Affidavit 4,  USC [...]

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Armenian Azerbaijan Conflict

• Occupation of Azerbaijan • Socio-economic devastation caused by Armenia • Media Coverage of The Azeri Massacres by Armenians • Khojali Tragedy Remembered

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