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Who is Abdullah Ocalan?

Who is Abdullah Ocalan? By Michael Radu Foreign Policy Research Institute November 16, 1998 On November 13, the Italian police arrested Abdullah Ocalan, founder and leader of the Kurdish Worker’s Party (PKK) at Rome’s airport. He had just arrived from Moscow with a false passport and, upon arrest, asked for political asylum. Coming at a time [...]

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PKK´s Involvement in Drug Trafficking

PKK´s Involvement in Drug Trafficking The 1992 annual report of the United States Department of State Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement, entitled "The International Narcotics Control Strategy" (INCS) proposes that the European drug cartel is controlled by PKK members. Likewise, the 1996 INCS report underlines the fact that the terrorist PKK uses heroin production [...]

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What is PKK?

Whats is PKK? Established in 1978, PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) started its armed struggle in 1984 after a preparatory period of numerous murders and attacks, with the objective of the establishment, through armed struggle, of an independent Kurdistan within Turkey ’s borders. Since 1984, PKK’s terrorist activities resulted in the death of more than 30.000 Turkish [...]

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