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Armenian Forgeries and Falsifications

By Demir Delen A Publication of the Federation of Canadian Turkish Associations The truth behind some well-known and often-repeated forgeries by Armenian activists who are attempting to sway the world opinion regarding the existence of a "genocide" in 1915, are exposed in the following paragraphs. 1. Hitler's quotation regarding the Armenians - A myth Every year [...]

Armenian Forgeries and Falsifications2017-10-04T12:01:24-04:00

The Andonian “Documents” Attributed to Talat Pasha are Forgeries!

By Prof. Dr. Türkkaya Ataöv* A most recent (1983) publication by the Turkish Historical Society and written by Sinasi Orel and Süreyya Yuca, as a scholarly evaluation of the so-called "Talat Pasha telegrams" is most important for the proper assessment of the "Armenian issue". This momentous book of unusually competent erudition critically examines all of the [...]

The Andonian “Documents” Attributed to Talat Pasha are Forgeries!2017-10-04T12:19:46-04:00
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