Dr. Ömer Lütfi TAŞCIOĞLU PhD, Scientific Consultative Committee of ANKA Institute


A brief historical background on Armenian-Turkish relations should be investigated to understand why some converted Armenians changed their religion from Christianity to Islam.

Contact between the Turks and Armenians began in the year 1026 with the arrival of Çağrı Bey into Anatolia. After the Seljuks defeated the Byzantines and gained control of Anatolia, Armenians became dependent on the Seljuks. After the establishment of the Ottoman Empire, Armenians became an integral part of the Ottoman Empire.

During the rise of the Ottoman Empire, Armenians were considered to be the loyal subjects of the state. During the downfall period, however, driven by provocations from imperialist countries, a well-organized and active section of the Ottoman Armenians started to yearn for the establishment of an independent Armenia on the territory that they could grab from the fragments of the disintegrated Ottoman Empire. [read more]