The ATAA, representing over 60 local chapters and 500,000 Turkish Americans throughout the United States, serves locally and nationwide to develop an informed and empowered Turkish American community, and to support strong U.S.-Turkish relations. The ATAA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed under the laws of the District of Columbia.

The founding principle of ATAA was the need to create cohesion and cooperation between the large numbers of social/cultural Turkish American organizations around the US. The Assembly’s main goal is to be a link between all communities, large or small, and pursue their interests in Washington and beyond. The main objectives of ATAA are two-fold. One is to create an informed national Turkish American community that can help foster US-Turkish relations and take an active part in promoting a balanced and truthful picture of Turkey in the US. The other is to educate Americans in government, the media and the public at large about Turkey and issues that concern us as Turkish Americans.

B y becoming a member you will be part of a network of Turkish-Americans and friends of Turkey who care about the historic relationship between the two peoples and who are aware of the crucial role each one of us plays in strengthening the relationship and promoting an accurate and fair picture of Turkey and Turks. Join ATAA  Today…..

News & Press Releases

ATAA Condemns Armenia’s Aggression against Azerbaijan

September 28, 2020, Virginia - Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA) strongly condemns the deadly attack by the armed forces of the Republic of Armenia on Azerbaijani positions along the line of contact and populated [...]

ATAA Celebrates UN International Day of Peace

September 21, 2020  | Virginia-  On the UN International Day of Peace, the Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA) calls upon the nations and international communities to respect a cessation of hostilities and make their [...]

ACT NOW! Request Proclamation to Commemorate October 29

Dear Community Leader: As you are well aware, one of the best ways to officially introduce the Turkish American community is through proclamations. October 29 Republic Day (Cumhuriyet Bayramı) is an important day for all [...]