ATAA 2024 BOD Election Results

May  27, 2024, Alexandria, VA | The Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA) is pleased to announce the result  of  the 2024 Board of Directors election.

All candidates were nominated and selected in strict accordance with the ATAA Bylaws and procedures. Those candidates that were nominated expressed their voluntary and explicit agreement that the nomination of each was appropriate and that their candidacy met both the spirit and word of the ATAA charter, bylaws and mission.

The results showing the newly elected Board of Directors of the ATAA are as follows below:

Alev Wieland, President-Elect
Seda Arık, Capital Region VP
Pervin Karamete, New York Region VP
Orhangazi Ilgaz Ülger, Midwest Region VP
Göknur McAvoy, Northeast Region VP
Canan Özaktay, Southeast Region VP
Tufan Erdinç
, Northwest Region VP

The two-year terms of the newly elected board of directors members commenced on May 27, 2024. For more information on the new board members, please visit

Continuing to serve on the New Board are President Dr. Nilüfer Esen-Bilgin; Past President Mazlum Koşma; Secretary Erdal Sipahi; Treasurer Dr. Mehmet Yaya; Mid-Central Region Vice President Engin Ateş and Western Region Vice President Erkan Demirağcı.

As ATAA welcomes new members to the board, ATAA also gives its heartfelt thanks and appreciation to its outgoing board members ,Yücel Burdurlu, Besim Haşar, Yenal Küçüker, and Dr. Levent Onat for their invaluable services and dedication to the ATAA and the Turkish American community.

The ATAA would like to thank all candidates and members who participated in the elections process.