At the Assembly of Delegates meeting on January 16, 2021, President Elect Mazlum Kosma took over as the President of the Board of Directors of the Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA), succeeding President Gokhan Ozalp, who assumed the position of immediate Past President.
Since 2009, Mr. Kosma has contributed significantly to ATAA by volunteering for many positions. Mr. Kosma had served as the Southeast Region Vice President and Treasurer of the ATAA before becoming President Elect in 2019. ATAA congratulates Mr. Kosma on his new position and wishes him good luck in his future endeavors on behalf of ATAA.
ATAA also takes this opportunity to thank its immediate Past President Gokhan Ozalp for his dedication and services to the ATAA and the Turkish American community. Since 2013, Mr. Ozalp had served as the Mid-Central Region Vice President and President Elect before becoming President of ATAA Board of Directors in 2018. ATAA will continue to benefit from his invaluable perspective and guidance to the organization.
Along with the leadership change, ATAA also concluded the 2020 elections process with the acceptance of the new members of the ATAA Board of Directors.
The newly elected board members include Mrs. Alev Wieland, Southwest Region VP; Mr. Engin Ates, Mid Central Region VP; Mr. Mehmet Yaya, Treasurer and Ms. Burcu Tansu, Western Region VP, serving her second term.
Continuing to serve on the new Board are Mrs. Nilufer Esen Bilgin, Secretary; Mrs. Zulfunar Rasin, Capital Region VP; Mr. Ilhan Geckil, Mid Atlantic Region VP; Mr. Fuat Ornarli, Southeast Region VP; Ms. Bircan Unver, New York Region VP; Mr. Yenal Kucuker, Northeast Region VP; and Mrs. Yucel Burdurlu Tavolara, Midwest Region VP.
ATAA welcomes new board members and gives its heartfelt thanks and appreciation to its departing board members Mr. Kenan Caglar, Past President and Mr. Erdal Sipahi, Southwest Region VP for their invaluable services and dedication to the ATAA and the Turkish American community.
ATAA Board of Directors (2021)
Mazlum Koşma
Gökhan Özalp
Past President
Nilüfer Esen Bilgin
Mehmet E. Yaya
Zülfünar Rasin
Capital Region VP
İlhan Geçkil
Mid Atlantic Region VP
Engin Ateş
Mid Central Region VP
Yücel B. Tavolara
Midwest Region VP
Bircan Ünver
New York Region VP
Yenal Küçüker
Northeast Region VP
Fuat Ornarlı
Southeast Region VP
Alev Wieland
Southwest Region VP
Burcu Tansu
Western Region VP