Today we celebrate our nation’s 248th birthday and honor the legacy of our founding fathers. As we pay tribute to the past, which is shaped by the values of liberty and justice, we look forward to the future. Preserving the ideals that the United States was founded upon and carrying this great nation into the next century can only be accomplished with the same unwavering commitment and dedication to those very values that have shaped our national character.

Today is also a time of reflection and appreciation for our service members, past and present, for their strength and courage in protecting our country every day.

As we celebrate the Fourth of July as Turkish Americans and Americans of Turkish descent, we must also keep in mind that it is our duty to promote the historical friendship, cooperation, and development between the United States and Türkiye with the same unwavering commitment and dedication.

Have a wonderful Fourth of July!

Kemal Atatürk & George Washington, Turkish Republic postal stamp issued on the occasion of
the 150th anniversary of the American Declaration of Independence.