ATAA UN Related Announcement# 23

Dear concerned friend,

As you know, the ATAA UN Committee is actively working on projects in support of our Water Action Decade commitments to the UN. In recent years, we have lost so many precious trees to wildfires, natural disasters, and urbanization. It is so important to replenish these losses for our own quality of life and healthy living.

The benefits of trees include:

  • Enhanced air quality
  • Carbon sequestering
  • Energy conservation
  • Water sustainability
  • Reduction of storm water runoff and erosion
  • Increased water quality
  • Noise reduction
  • Wildlife habitat

We can all act now to improve urban tree canopy by planting trees locally in our homes and communities, nationally in North America, and Türkiye.

One of these projects is planting trees in Türkiye via TEMA Foundation and in North America via the National Forest Association. We are starting a fundraising effort for this valuable cause. $5.00 can plant two trees.

Please take action today by donating to this effort using the link below or simply scanning the QR code. Your donation is always tax-deductible.

Please note that locally, trees may be available for free from your local parks department to plant in your homes.

Thank you.

Nilüfer Esen-Bilgin
ATAA President
Alev Wieland & Yücel Burdurlu
ATAA Committee on UN Relations Co-Chairs