June 2, 1978 – Madrid, Spain

Three Armenian gunmen open automatic gunfire on the automobile of the Turkish Ambassador to Spain, Zeki Kuneralp. The Ambassador’s wife, Necla Kuneralp, and a guest, a retired Turkish Ambassador, Besir Balcioglu, are killed. Spanish chauffeur, Antonio Torres, dies later from his wounds. Armenian terrorist organizations, ASALA and JCAG claim responsibility.

June 7, 1982 – Lisbon, Portugal

An Armenian gunman kills the Turkish administrative attache, Erkut Akbay and seriously wounds the envoy’s wife, Nadide Akbay near his home outside Lisbon. Nadide Akbay dies after eight months in coma on January 11, 1983. Armenian terrorist organization JCAG claims responsibility.

June 9, 1977 – Rome, Italy

Two Armenian gunmen kill the Turkish Ambassador to the Vatican, Taha Carim, in front of his residence. Armenian terrorist organization JCAG claims responsibility. The fatal attack on Carim took place two years after the assassination of Turkish Ambassador to Austria, Danis Tunaligil and assassination of Turkish Ambassador to France, Ismail Erez by JCAG.

June 9, 1981 – Geneva, Switzerland

An Armenian gunman assassinates Turkish Consulate Secretary, Mehmet Savas Yerguz, as he is leaving his office. Swiss authorities apprehend Mardiros Jamgotchian. Armenian terrorist organization ASALA claims responsibility for the assassination. Jamgotchian is convicted of the murder and sentenced to 15 years, though he serves only 10 years. In a communiqué in Beirut, ASALA vows to “destroy Swiss interests throughout the world unless Jamgotchian is freed.” ASALA then forms a new branch, called the “Ninth of June Organization,” which undertakes a series of 12 attacks against Swiss targets worldwide. Though ASALA claims responsibility, few arrests are made.

June 20, 1984 – Vienna, Austria

A bomb explodes in a vehicle owned by the Assistant Labor and Social Affairs Counselor of the Turkish Embassy, Erdogan Ozen, killing Ozen and seriously injuring five Austrian nationals, including two law enforcement officers. Armenian terrorist organization JCAG claims responsibility for the attack.

ATAA condemns these acts of violence against innocent individuals and remembers these tragedies with great sorrow and deliberation to bring the perpetrators and their supporters to justice.

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